Terry  Gannon  Photography

Welcome to this website, celebrating mankind and the globe we all use.  If photography is best used to capture the spirit and meaning of people and places, then I hope I have scratched part of that surface.  For it is about finding the good in all things and appreciating them well.

There is a wide range of photographs presented here, from people portraits all over the world, to places all over the world, and abstracts in between.  It is an attempt to explore the beauty and the numerous cultures that make up our world. 

My thanks to all who allowed me to photograph them, and to the beauty of the places and people that I have found in my travels.   It has enriched my life.

This website is dedicated to the fine individuals in this world, to their uniqueness, and what they achieve, inspire, and do for others and for the environment.   It is good to reflect on our humanity and our need for freedom and free expression, and in the glorious way that we can live our lives.